Water Project

Pasang Chowk High School

Tawal Village, Dhading District

Project Status: Needs Funding

District: Dhading

VDC: Ree

Village: Tawal

School: Pasang Chowk High School

Grades: 1-10

Students: 600+

Projected Starting Date: January 2017

Description of Project:

3-4 km of piping is needed for a gravity fed scheme approach to provide uncontaminated water from a watering hole, through a jungle, for a school in Tawal for 600 students and for 300-400 families of the Tamang caste in the Tawal village.  

Projected cost:

12,000-14,000 USD.  Money to go toward piping, skilled labour, taps, tanks, materials and local labor costs.

The Issue:

Lack of clean water is the cause of death of nearly 1,000 children every day as the result of water-borne illnesses. Contaminated water is the cause of 80% of all sickness in the developing work. Increasing access to clean and convenient water sources is crucial to fostering the growth of developing communities from within. The burden of sourcing clean water is great for both rural and urban communities alike. The responsibility for providing this, often (71% of the time) falls on women and girls. They spend 4 hours a day gathering and transporting the water on average. This greatly impacts the time and access that women and girls have to go to school and work; and as a result halters their opportunities throughout their life. Creating convenient access to water gives women and girls equal access to opportunities which are desperately needed to improve their livelihood. Safe water can give young girls the nourishment they need to learn, work, create and grow. Giving communities safe water betters them today, tomorrow, and for the rest of their lives.