Earthbag School Rebuild – Phase II

Pokhari & Nebot Villages

Gorkha District

Project Status: Current

Date: December 2016 – January 2017

Location: Pokhari Village in Thumi VDC, Nepal

Number of Classrooms: 3

Grades: 1 – 5

Special thanks to our field team:

Josh Edwards, Ashtyn Simpson, Ryan Anthony, Zach Hutchinson, Amar Amo and our Pokhari Village liaison, Som Gurung, for all your effort.

Phase II:

With six members of our rebuild team, we’ve returned to Pokhari to continue our work with village leaders and residents.

After allowing the building materials to settle through monsoon season, we returned to the village to assess the structure. We made minor adjustments and gave the school’s exterior and interior rooms coats of primer and paint to further protect it from the elements.

To add some character and a personalized touch we also painted a mural with the help of the school teachers and the students.  A flower bed is also in the works for the spring.

Putting the kids back in school has freed up parents’ time to rebuild!