Bunks for Monks

Remon Gompa Nyingmar Monastery

Gorkha District

PROJECT STATUS:  Under Construction


Gorkha District, Lho V.D.C., North Central Himalayas, roughly 3,000 meters above sea level


163 students affected, ages 8-26, 100 students displaced


Helicopter drop with the following materials and supplies

PROJECTED DROP DATE:  3 February 2017

In February 2016, PHPI team lead and village liaison Josh Edwards visited Lho, a central Himalayan village in the Gorkha district affected by the April 2015 earthquake and spoke with village leaders about the impact of the natural disaster. Among major cultural institutions damaged by the quake were the local monastery’s dormitories, which housed 163 students (ages 8-26) and provided shelter to Tibetan refugees and Nepali adults and orphans from extremely poor communities.

A thriving educational center, the monastery remains a community center and place of stability for villagers and transplants. The monastery itself experienced minimal damage from the 7.9-magnitude earthquake in April 2015, yet the accompanying dorms fell to ruins. The dormitory rebuilding process has begun but is estimated to take 15-20 years. The majority of the 163 students were relocated to Kathmandu, and now only 63 monks remain in Lho to help educate and serve the community.

Although construction of a new three-story dormitory with a capacity of 20 rooms, a kitchen, and a 7-unit bathroom facility is underway, construction has come to a halt because project developers have run out of building materials like cement and wooden planks. Winter 2016-2017 PHPI goals include raising funding for building materials to help oversee the completion of this necessary cultural institution.


Material Needs:

  • 100 bags of cement
  • Solar panels, generator, battery & other solar equipment (already donated by PHPI)
  • Power tools (valued at Rp 100,000—already donated by PHPI)

Funding Needs:

Projected Cost of Donated Materials & Transport : Rp 589, 084