Emergency Blanket Relief

Lamabager Village

Dolakha District

1400 Duvet Blankets

750 of which your donations provided, to all 9 wards in the Sertung V.D.C. in the Dhading Region, where people otherwise would have had no access to humanitarian aid.

Major blizzards that struck the north-central region of Nepal in December 2015 made a difficult subsistence even harder to bear as families in the region struggled to stay warm. As soon as conditions permitted travel, PHPI partners Rocky, Deep, and Santos Gurung moved over 1400 blankets from Kathmandu to the Dhading region.

Blankets were procured with the help of Nathan Smith from Under the Banyan Tree and Punam Gurung, who organized the “Blankets for Nepal” crowdsourcing drive.

This initiative proves that even in the harshest conditions, people come together to help one another survive hard times and then thrive in better ones.

PHPI thanks volunteers and donors alike for your unceasing support.